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Going the extra mile

Learning is something we do every day.

That’s what our teachers told us – and yesterday it was back to school to test my knowledge.

I was invited by my sons’ primary school to talk about renewable energy.

Now then, you may think, what does he know about this?

As one of my friends who knew about the talk said – was I renaming myself Greta for the day!

Well over the past 12 months working with a key client, I’ve been learning all about renewable energy and how important it is for the planet and our future.

I’ve learned about many other things and different industries along the way, but renewable energy is something which has really captured my attention.

Reading books

I’ve never been one to enjoy sitting down and reading books – my attention span is too short, but if something grabs me, I’ll take the information in.

And what I’ve learned is to do this with my clients.

It’s important for me to know what they are talking about and embrace their passion and really get to understand it.

When I talk to someone about any element of my digital marketing mix – be it websites, social media, copywriting or blogging (and there’s more), I always make sure I know about what they do.

And this is where humans in my opinion will always have the edge over AI.

Yes, it may be quicker to have a robot churn out at 500-word study in two minutes, but what is the quality and when people read it, what will the engagement levels be?

So back to my talk.

I was invited to speak to 350 children from the ages of four to 11 as part of their Eco School Project and I was determined to give them an exciting, interactive experience.

I obviously made sure the content was good enough in advance, by checking with one of my peers directly involved in the industry. He likened it at times to a Ladybird book!

I actually took this as a compliment as my talk was both factual and fun.

The proof in the pudding is in the eating, and on the day, it went really well.

Question time

The children were asking so many questions that the assembly overran.

I had a few grumpy looks for parents in the playground dashing off with their kids to football five minutes late – sorry!

Another bonus is the school are now talking to my client about their own renewable energy mix.

So, all round it was a win-win day.

The children had fun and (hopefully) learned something new.

The school had a productive session.

And my client has a new lead but has also gained some further exposure.

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without taking an interest to learn about the industry.

While I can’t claim to be an expert in the field, what I’ve learned over the past 12 months could well open some new doors for my client, along with the service I’ve already given.

I always go back to the idea that after a lifetime working in football as both a journalist and a club official in various roles, that I would be a one trick pony.

Yes, I had some amazing times, some printable and some not – that I am still working on getting out there.

But now I have the ability to learn new topics and new fields.

And  I find it thoroughly rewarding.

As they say, you are learning every day of your life.

It’s true.

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